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Attach anything to a standing seam metal roofs without piercing the panel!
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S-5!® PV Kit Solar Attachment Solutions

The concept of combining photovoltaic arrays with standing seam metal roofing is growing - and for good reasons. A standing seam metal roof has a life expectancy consistant with that of framed PV modules.

A 30-year power source on a 40-year roof, along with zero-penetration technology, creates the most sustainable roof system available with alternative energy power generation, all without compromising the roof manufacturer's warranty!

The Basic Components
The S-5-PV Kit fits two grab components. The universal PV grab attaches adjacent panels, while the EdgeGrab™ cleanly resolves end condition requirements.
*Due to the variety of attachment needs, S-5-PV Kits are sold separately from S-5! mini clamps. The S-5-PV Kit fits only S-5! mini clamps, NOT standard clamps.
S-5-PV Kit

The new S-5-PV Kit is one of the first solar module mounting solutions in the industry to be listed to the new UL subject 2703, a standard that covers both bonding and mounting. In order to meet the UL requirements, the S-5-PV Kit had to be submitted for tests, being evaluated under the severest of conditions to confirm that the product would withstand the elements while maintaining electrical conductivity.

Furthermore, the S-5-PV Kit has gained an ETL Listing to UL 1703. UL and ETL listings are widely recognized by most Authorities Having Jurisdiction, which means fewer inspection hassles for installers.

Previously, electrical continuity between modules (called “bonding” within the industry) required the mounting of an electrical lug to each PV module, and interconnection of the lugs with a copper wire. However, the S-5-PV Kit's groundbreaking NEW stainless steel mounting disk has twelve nodes designed to ensure the module-to-module conductivity of anodized aluminum module frames.

With the new S-5-PV Kit, the module is simply anchored with the kit and automatically provides a ground path in the module frame. No lugs or wire required except to connect one string of modules to another and to ground the system. This connection detail represents installed electrical cost savings of $6-$12 per unit.

In most cases, the savings in time and materials is sufficient to pay for the entire S-5-PV Kit and clamp setup! The S-5-PV Kit continues to be the easiest, most cost-effective way to install solar panels directly to standing seam metal roofs and remains the most popular choice worldwide.


Mounting hardware as low as $0.07 per watt; Aluminum Disk mounting hardware as low as $0.06 per watt!

EdgeGrab - The Ulitmate Solution for Solar Array End Conditions

S-5!'s new EdgeGrab™ is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with our patented S-5-PV Kit for solar array end conditions.

The EdgeGrab accommodates PV frame thicknesses of 30–48 mm (if the L-flange is positioned below the stud’s hex nut) and 34–51 mm (if the L-flange is positioned above the stud’s hex nut).

EdgeGrab uses the same S-5-PV Kit base assembly as the universal PV grab and will work on most exposed-fastened and corrugated metal roofs.

(The EdgeGrab is not UL or ETL Listed)

Why S-5-PV?
  • Fit the majority of metal roofs on the market - including exposed-fastened and corrugated!
  • Install quickly and easily!
  • Universally fit both field (2 panels) and end conditions!
  • Cool roofs by providing shade during intense summer heat, lessening utility costs.
  • Can be used with all S-5! mini clamps; use the stainless steel mounting disk to facilitate use with brass clamps.
  • Cost as little as $0.07 a watt (stainless steel mounting disk) or even $0.06 a watt (aluminum mounting disk) to install!
S-5-PV Kit Features
  • New longer PV stud now accommodates PV frame thickness from 1.3" (33mm) to 2.5" (84mm)!
  • Beveled mounting disk now provides an eve easier to use module placement guide!
  • Four new strategically placed mounting disk hooks to assist in wire management!
  • New broader ears on the PV grab allow for even easier installation and precise module engagement!
  • Mounting disk is universally directional for simplicity of installation!
  • Absolutely NO RAILS required!
  • Incredible holding strength that only S-5! can offer!

For mounting solar systems to your corrugated metal roof, S-5-PV Kits work perfectly with our CorruBracketTM!

For mounting solar systems to your exposed-fastened metal roof, a flat mounting disk is available allowing S-5-PV Kits to work perfectly with our VersaBracketTM!

Penetration-free attachment, lower installation costs and cooler roofs, combined with rising energy costs and increased environmental concerns all spell a bright, sunny future for PV and standing seam metal roofs. S-5! makes it easy.

Due to the variety of attachment needs, S-5-PV Kits are sold separately from S-5! mini clamps. The S-5-PV Kit fits only S-5! mini clamps, NOT standard clamps.

Wind dynamics are complex; thus, each system should be reviewed by a qualified licensed professional who understands wind effects on metal roof design and construction prior to purchase and installation
Pricing for the S-5-PV Kit*
*AMSI Retail Prices - These prices are valid as of November 2014. New pricing is scheduled for January 2015.
Part # Box Qty Less Than Full Box Full Box - 150 151-500 501-1000 1001-2500 2501-5000
SOLARKIT (UL) 75 $6.84 $6.40 $6.09 $5.81 $5.57 $5.34
EDGEBRAB 75 $7.39 $6.91 $6.58 $6.28 $6.02 $5.77
Product Brochure

Installation Instructions

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S-5!'s Spacing Suggestions for S-5-PV Kits
The following suggestions assume that determination has been made that the roof to which the S-5! clamps will be attached is structurally adequate.  Any loads imposed on the S-5! clamps will be transferred to the panels.  Panel seams must have sufficient flexural strength to carry these loads.  Panels must also be adequately attached to the building structure, and the structure must be sufficient to carry these loads.  The makers of S-5! clamps make no representations with respect to these variables.  It is the responsibility of the user to verify this information, or seek assistance from a qualified design professional, if necessary.

The key to frequency and spacing of attachment points for PV is to distribute loads to the metal standing seam panels in a manner that is consistent with the intended distribution of loads from the roof panels into the building structure.  With very few exceptions, the attachment of a single S-5 clamp (even the “mini”) to the seam will be stronger than a single point of attachment of the seam to the building structure.  Hence the “weak link” is not the S-5 clamp, but the attachment clips that hold the metal panels to the building structure, or the beam strength of the roof panel seam, itself.

The most conservative approach to the spacing/frequency of PV attachment to the roof is to determine the spacing/frequency of the roof’s attachment to the building structure; then duplicate it at minimum.  Determining panel attachment spacing in one axis is very simple:  Standing seam panels’ attachment will be made using concealed hold-down clips within the seam area of the panel.  So, in that axis, the clip spacing is the same as the seam spacing.  The location of the clips along the seam (in the other axis) can be determined by a) consultation with the roof system manufacturer or installer, b) checking from the underside or, c) close examination from the topside along the seam.  There will usually be a slight, but detectable, deformation of the seam at the clip location visible from the roof’s topside.  Many standing seam roofing systems are installed on “pre-engineered steel” buildings.  The attachment spacing in that industry is typically 5’-0” and is readily apparent by inspecting the structural purlins to which the panel clips are attached from the roof underside (interior of the building).

If the panel clips are spaced, for instance, 5’-0” on center along the seam, then use the 5’-0” dimension as a maximum spacing for the S-5 clamps.  (S-5 clamps may also be spaced at closer centers, but not wider.)  When modules are direct attached (without racking) in the landscape orientation, this spacing dimension is dictated by the smallest dimension of the PV frame.  Using the roof panel clip spacing as a maximum spacing template for S-5 clamps is a sound practice, whether the PV modules are attached direct to S-5, or to a racking system, which is in turn attached to the S-5 (and panel seams).  To evenly distribute loads, it is also necessary that each seam be involved in the finished assembly.  Thus, every time a seam is traversed, it should be attached. Such an attachment scheme should evenly distribute wind loads into the building structure through the panels and their attachment, as was intended in the original roof construction assembly.

Please note these are only suggestions.  Wind dynamics are complex, and S-5! advises review by a qualified licensed professional who understands wind effects and metal roof design and construction.
Clamps/Brackets Solar Snow Retention Utility Calculator Downloads Prices
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