4 Reasons to Hire Female Roofers

Construction is still considered to be a “non-traditional” job for women. This means that according to the United States Department of Labor, it is still a male-dominated field where women actually represent 25% or less of the industry. Roofing is specifically a field that doesn’t have many women. In 2014, it was revealed that women only make up 0.5% of all roofers.

As an employer, you may have the opportunity to hire female roofers. Here are four reasons you should seize that opportunity:

1. Better relationships with female clients.

There is a negative stereotype that certain types of workers (construction workers, roofers, auto mechanics, etc.) will rip women off if they don’t have a comprehensive understanding of the industry. This is a generalization as many men don’t have an understanding of these fields and many women do, but for the female clients who don’t, they will likely be much more comfortable speaking to female workers. And considering that women now represent 70 to 80% of consumer spending (according to Forbes), this can be a great thing.

2. Support from organizations like National Women in Roofing.

The National Women in Roofing was established in 2016 to help support female roofers. The four main goals of the non-profit organization are recruiting, networking, education, and mentoring. NWIR understand how women can continue to be an important benefit to the roofing industry as a whole, but it recognizes how much support is needed. The organization is open to anyone (male or female) who supports the cause of women in roofing.

3. Filling the need for qualified workers.

Every year, throughout America, the demand for residential construction workers grows. How did we get into the labor shortage? First, there was an exodus from the construction field after the recession in 2008. And young adults are encouraged to go to a four-year university and discouraged from learning a trade. No doubt, you have been affected by the labor shortage, but if you are open to hiring female roofers, you become more likely to fill the need for high-quality, qualified workers.

4. Shatter the glass ceiling by putting women on the roof.

Who doesn’t want to be a part of bringing more equality into the world? Who doesn’t want to ensure that all people have the same opportunities, regardless of gender. Wouldn’t you like to be involved in positive changes in the industry? Hiring female employees ensures that you are doing your part to be a positive voice in the roofing field.