Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

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There are many components to consider when embarking on a roofing project — all of which are crucial to the longevity, safety and quality of the finished product. It’s essential that roofs are built to withstand years of use and harsh elements like heat, rain and of course, snow. Snow retention systems, or snow guards,…

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Roofing 101: Types of Standing Seam Metal Clips

metal roof2

Owning a building is a long-term investment. Homeowners and business owners alike need their homes and facilities to be built to last, which is why many are choosing a metal roof versus a traditional asphalt shingle roof. Like any major construction project, building a metal roof requires the utmost care — from hiring reputable contractors…

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How to Grow & Scale Your Roofing Business

Growing your roofing Business

Picture this: you’ve hired between one and five employees, and have several more subcontractors. You’re accepting around five jobs each week, and you’re worried about cash flow. Will you have enough for payroll this month? What about other expenses? How can you stand out against other roofing companies? How do you know what to tell…

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S-5: The Best in Metal Roof Attachment Technology

metal roof i beam S 5 Clips 1

When it comes to safe, secure, and easy-to-use metal roof attachment technology, S-5! has been the most nationally trusted product leader for roofing experts since 1992. Whether you’re working on a snow retention project, mounting a satellite on a metal roof, or installing solar panels, S-5! technology is ensured with the most strength and durability…

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Roofing Considerations for the Tornado Season

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For Georgia and other residents of the southeast, hurricane season isn’t the only season that one has to prepare for. Tornado season is just around the corner, frequently lasting between the months of March, April, and May — the peak being in April. Then it’s only one month off before hurricane season begins in June! As…

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4 Ways To Ensure You’re Hiring Quality Metal Roofing Employees


In today’s competitive job market, it’s more important than ever that roofing companies are adequately staffed to meet growing demand. Not only is hiring the wrong workers expensive, but unskilled and unmotivated employees can damage your organization’s reputation. On the other hand, a trained, knowledgeable employee can be a great asset to your company and…

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