Proceed with Caution: Safety Tips for Walking on a Metal Roof

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Metal roofing is extremely popular these days, though being on top of a roof remains an activity select individuals are willing to chance. Because it can become extremely slippery when dirty or wet, metal roofing is even more dangerous than other types of roofing material, such as asphalt tiles. Whether you’re a roofer, home inspector,…

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Understanding Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

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Your metal roof might look sleek and stylish, but it should also be incredibly practical to protect the building structure. There are many components to consider when embarking on a roofing project — all of which are crucial to the longevity, safety, and quality of the finished product. Roofs must be built to withstand years…

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ESE Hand Seamers

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Whether you’re a veteran metal roofing contractor or just starting, having the right tools for the job is essential to get the results you want. ESE Machines provides those precise and reliable tools that set your work apart from others in the industry with their premier hand seamers specifically made for standing seam roofing jobs.…

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Everything You Want To Know About Pop Rivets

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Pop rivets may seem like small components, but they are crucial for creating secure and reliable joints in various industries, including metal roofing installations from installing pipe boots to metal roof panels. To understand their importance, we’re providing you with a comprehensive guide to pop rivets covering everything from their components and terminology to the…

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The 10 Commandments of Metal Roofing Safety

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As a metal roofing installer, it is important to know and follow the 10 Commandments of Metal Roofing Safety. By following these safety commandments, you can create a positive safety culture at your company, keep yourself and your fellow workers safe on the job, and reduce the risk of workplace accidents. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)…

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The Best Way to Cut Metal Roofing Panels in 4 Easy Steps

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Do you need to cut metal roofing panels for your next project? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will teach you the best way to do it. It is important to use the right tools and follow the correct steps, or you could damage your roof and yourself in the process.…

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