Foolproof Pipe Boot Installs for Metal Roofs in Winter

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Pipe boots are critical roofing components, allowing essential vent stack functionality while preventing leaks. However, frigid conditions introduce unique challenges for proper boot sealing and adhesion. This article covers specialized material selection, surface prep, and strategic installation techniques to guarantee watertight, durable pipe boot performance all winter long. Carefully Select Products Rated for Sub-Zero Application…

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Not All Pipe Boots Are Created Equal

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When it comes to the proper installation of metal roofing, pipe boots play a crucial role. As such, metal roofers need to make sure they’re using the best possible pipe boot flashing for every project in order to ensure optimal results and protect against potentially costly damages down the line. But how can you know…

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Dektite High-Quality Pipe Boots for Metal Roof Longevity

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It can be hard to determine which type of pipe boot is right for your standing seam metal roof project with so many different types of pipe boots out there. Even once you’ve determined which type of pipe boot you need you will still face the difficult decision of which brand delivers top quality at…

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The Many Varieties of Pipe Boots


Once upon a time, your pipe boot choices were lead or tough plastic. Lead is durable and long-lasting, but – as many contractors, builders, and DIY homeowners discovered – expensive. Another identified problem with lead pipe boots is that squirrels love to sharpen their teeth on the lead boot and aren’t happy until they’ve gnawed…

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