6 Tips for Roofing Companies to Reduce Customer Callbacks

Unhappy roofing call center worker

No one likes to have to call their roofing company for repairs after the job is done. A client callback usually means that there were some issues with the project that need to be addressed. In an effort to help reduce customer callbacks from unhappy customers, we have put together six tips that your roofing…

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The Benefits of Commercial Drones for Roof Inspections And How To Get Started

Roofing drone

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries for conducting a wide range of tasks, including roof inspections. There are many benefits to adopting drones in conducting roof inspections, such as increased safety, the ability to collect more in-depth data, minor inconvenience to the customer, faster results, and saving money. In this blog…

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Retaining Top Talent: Tips for Roofing Companies

roofing employee retention

It can be difficult for roofing companies to find and retain qualified employees. The roofing industry is tough and the work can be dangerous and physically demanding. However, if you put in a little effort, you can create a rewarding and safe environment that will help keep your top talent from walking out the door.…

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How to Successfully Start Your Metal Roofing Company in 2022

planning feature image

Is 2022 the year that you finally start up that metal roofing company that you’ve been dreaming of? It may be intimidating to start a business this year after we saw the pandemic swallow businesses whole in the past two years, however, studies show that roofing contractors are actually in a great position for growth…

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