Understanding Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

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Your metal roof might look sleek and stylish, but it should also be incredibly practical to protect the building structure. There are many components to consider when embarking on a roofing project — all of which are crucial to the longevity, safety, and quality of the finished product. Roofs must be built to withstand years…

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Snow Retention and Snow Guards

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Snow retention systems have been utilized throughout history and are essential for any location that receives even a small amount of snow per year. Modern snow retention systems and snow guard systems are strong, lightweight components that attach to an existing roof to protect it and its attachments. With the possibility of snowfall approaching, the…

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Roofing Materials For Snow Retention

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As the weather warms up, it is important to remember that Spring can come with its fair share of complications. For example, when the snow that has been piling up on roofs starts to thaw, it can come down in an unexpected manner, with catastrophic consequences for whatever is caught beneath the cascade. This may…

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