Safety Tips for Walking on a Metal Roof

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Metal roofing is extremely popular these days, though being on top of a roof remains an activity select individuals are willing to chance. Because it can become extremely slippery when dirty or wet, metal roofing is even more than dangerous than other types of roofing material, such as asphalt tiles. Whether you’re a roofer, home…

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WUKO Tools: The Essential Tool for the Professional Roofer

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WUKO is a leading, trusted tool-maker of first-class products designed for superior quality and amazing durability under harsh work conditions. Professional metal roofing crews need well-designed, high performance tools to accomplish bending and clipping on site, and often on the roof. Save time, improve installation, and please more customers with WUKO tools. Benders WUKO benders are portable brakes,…

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Selecting The Best Metal Sheet Benders

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Sheet metal benders have emerged as an essential tool for professionals. These tools perform as portable brakes that allow tinsmiths to fold and bend metal sheets at their location without being forced to depend on heavy brakes that operates from the rear of a truck or even less convenient, inside their shop. Types of Bends…

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