How to Avoid Rust on a Metal Roof

One of the most common problems with a metal roof is rust. In this blog post, we will discuss rust on the metal roof and how to avoid it. The first thing you need to do if you discover rust on a metal roof is remove it. Then there are several ways that you can avoid rust in the future.

Paint the Roof

A new paint job can protect the roof from rust and corrosion, especially if the roof is painted with a primer that contains at least 80% zinc as zinc can be great at preventing rust. The best way to use a zinc-rich primer is to make sure that the roof is prepared before painting. This means a roof must be cleaned thoroughly to remove all rust and dirt.

It’s important to paint on a surface that is clean. This prevents dirt from getting through to the metal roof. It’s a good idea to paint a roof once every three years.

Use High-Quality Metal Panels

You want to choose metal panels that are high quality. It’s also great if they contain a certain amount of zinc. You don’t want to use low-quality metal panels. There are plenty of materials that are coming from outside the United States with a surprisingly low amount of zinc. Having a high amount of zinc in your metal panels is essential because that is what protects the cut edges.


One excellent way to prevent rust is to use elastomeric coatings. They are a sealing system that is acrylic and is applied in layers onto the roof. It can form a barrier that is really effective against rust and corrosion. It’s also imperative that you clean the roof before applying coating. You can also find elastomeric coatings in a number of colors.

Galvanized Roofing

To create galvanized metal, you have to treat the roof with liquiefied zinc. This will also protect the roof from rust and corrosion as the zinc will form a layer of protective coating. Galvanizing the roof with zinc will extend its longevity. The metal remains protected under the coat of zinc, and it strengthens the roof from weather like snow, hail, and excessive heat.

These are some of the ways you can avoid rust on a metal roof. It’s also important to have the right supplies and tools. For more information, have a look around our site for metal roofing tools.