Using Free Inspections to Get More Business

There are many roofing contractors who have had continuous growth over the years as a direct result of providing excellent customer service and increasing their business. Most roofing contractors understand one thing: in order to grow their businesses, they have to provide free, no-obligation inspections to get customers in the door. Roofing contractors who do this position themselves as authorities in the field, and they get closer to potential customers. Here are a few tips for providing free inspections:

1. Offer Detailed Inspection Reports

After you complete a roof system inspection, you should provide a detailed roof system analysis. This will help you to stand out from the competition. With an inspection report, you will have more credibility. Also, the prospective customer will be able to make informed decisions about roofing work. In these reports, the roof’s system’s membrane, flashings, expansion joint covers, perimeter edge and fascia, pitch pockets, and penetrations will all be described.

In addition to this description, the reports should also indicate the exact locations of any recommended repairs. It should also prioritize any roofing work that is needed. There should be related costs and photos.

2. Provide Ongoing Service Agreements

With the inspection report, you should also include an ongoing roof system maintenance plan or a recommended service agreement to maximize the longevity of the roof. Think about offering a detailed service agreement that will allow them to plan their roofing and repair budget.

3. Get Ready to Inspect More Roofs

It is important to manage your inspections efficiently, especially as the demand for inspections grows. Here are several tips for being more productive and efficient so that you can perform more inspections and grow your business:

  • Follow up as soon as you can. The customer may have requested inspections from more than one company or roofer.
  • Track your results.
  • Track and store warranty information.
  • Provide updates via text or email.
  • Create templates for inspection reports and service agreements.
  • Grant customers online access to project management tools.

There are many reasons why you’ll want to do free inspections for your potential customers, but the biggest reason is that it can help you to grow your business.