The Many Varieties of Pipe Boots

DEKTITE-Retro-801-PIPE-BOOT-2-600x600Once upon a time, your pipe boot choices were lead or tough plastic. Lead is durable and long-lasting, but – as many contractors, builders, and DIY homeowners discovered – expensive. Another identified problem with lead pipe boots is that squirrels love to sharpen their teeth on the lead boot and aren’t happy until they’ve gnawed at least one hole in the fixture.

Hard plastic pipe boots with neoprene seals had their own set of problems: The neoprene seals, when exposed to extreme heat, cracked and disintegrated. The boot itself might roll up, leaving a harmful gap between the edge of the pipe boot and the roof.

The Revolution is Rubber

Roofing products made with rubberized cones, like DekTite® Pipe Boots are the answer to the problems of durability and affordability. Homeowners are also grateful there’s now better option. They’re available from 1/4" -19" in diameter; you choose orange silicone for high-temperature installations. This type of pipe boot doesn’t require special tools and is easy to install and easy to customize on any style roof. The flexible rubber won’t crack and expands, contracts, and allows for pipe vibration. Installation options include:

You Can Give Them What They Want . . . and What They Need

The modern property owner also wants eco-friendly materials that offer sustainability, efficiency, and economy. Your clients respect your professionalism and advice, so now, more than ever, it’s important to offer them the best choices and the most affordable prices. Metal roofing materials are available in:

  • aluminum
  • copper
  • galvanized steel
  • tin
  • zinc

Mother Earth News reports metal-roof homes that receive heavy snowfalls “shed the white stuff so quickly that it rarely has a chance to build up to weighty depths.” A metal roof also resists damage from hail better than traditional roofing and it doesn’t burn; a big advantage to rural homes and houses with stovepipes or chimneys. Initial up-front investments in quality metal roofing will realize long-term savings – with lower energy consumption as well as lower annual heating and cooling costs.

For ensuring the longevity and performance of these roofs, don't miss our Best Practices Guide on Installing Pipe Boots, an essential resource for professional installers. Call 800-450-9231 or contact your friends at AMSI Supply for metal roofing options that have one thing in common: They will last up to 60 years. That’s the kind of sustainability your customers are demanding, and now, you can deliver.