Malco Hand Notcher 1″ Throat Depth


  • Punches a big 1 in. (25.4 mm) deep “V” notch
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Grips for Comfort

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Throat Depth
in. (mm)
Variable Leverage Ratio
(High / Low) throughout stroke
Jaws Cutting Angle Length
in. (mm)
Net Wt.
oz. (g)
1 (25.4)6.6 to 1.0 - 7.0 to 1.0Investment Casting / Carbon Steel Shell17 (482)
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
Stainless Steel 20 Gauge
in. (mm)
Galvanized Steel 18 Gauge
in. (mm)
Mild Steel 18 Gauge
in. (mm)
Part Number
0.035 (0.89)0.023 (0.58)0.018 (0.46)0.028 (0.71)0.024 (0.61)N2R


Fast and easy cutting. Notcher makes a clean 30° “V” shaped cut in sheet metal. 13/16 in. (20.6 mm) maximum throat depth. Upper cutting jaw is drop forged high impact alloy steel. Hook design of cutting jaw facilitates notching corners or take-off tabs to desired depth without slipping. Long-wearing, hardened stamped steel components.

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