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WUKO Mini Bender 2050 and Mini Disc-O Bender 4010


  • Includes the WUKO Mini Bender 2050, the WUKO Mini Disc-O-Bender 4010 and a carrying case!
  • Use the “Minis” to achieve the maximum result! Make a hem (also on small radii) in two steps.
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Bending height (2050)
mm (in)
Bending height (4010)
mm (in)
Maximum bending capacity (2050)
mm (ga)
Maximum bending capacity (4010)
mm (ga)
50mm (2in)8–23mm
0.8mm (22ga)0.8mm (22ga)

WUKO Mini Bender

The WUKO W2050 & W4010 Mini Benders are used for bending & forming in sheet metal fabrication, both for straight & curved pieces (inner & outer radii). Both tools can form aluminum, copper & steel & zinc. The W2020 can make bends from 0.2" to .78", while the W2050 Can make bends from 0.2" to 2".



Superior Quality from Design to Delivery

WUKO products are not only known for their superior quality and toughness but also for their appealing design. Only high-quality materials are used to guarantee a first-class product. Before delivery, each WUKO tool is individually checked.

Made USA

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 4 in