RAU 106, Eaves Seamer


  • The tool is used in conjunction with the Rau105 to complete locking the panel at the drip edge
  • Completes the 2nd stage of bending the panel into a finished lock under the drip cap
  • Also used for forming the final lock for dormer windows
  • Rare to find a tool that will lock a drip edge tighter

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Jaw Width
in (mm)
Insertion Depth
in (mm)
Overall Length
in (mm)
8 1/2" (215mm)1" (25mm)15" (380mm)
tsch skizze 1

Eaves closers attached

tsch skizze 2

Clean closing of the eaves edge

Eaves Edger

Tool width of 10" allows quick and accurate sheet shaping at eaves, gutters, dormer windows and more. If needed, a spacer can be put on the eccentric pivot to create edges in excess of 90° for high lips, etc.

Like all SYSTEM RAU® tools, the eaves closer demonstrates professionalism in its very special area of ​​application on the eaves, dormers, etc. With a working width of 220 mm, this handy tool ensures that the sheet metal can be folded in quickly and easily.

System RAU

More than 60 years of experience speak for themselves

Our family company was founded in 1914 and is run by the fourth generation of the managing partners Dipl.-Ing. Franz Rau and M. Eng. Frederik Rau. With the production of sheet metal bending and processing tools since 1958, Rau GmbH traditionally has a great practical relevance. Since 1967, test devices for gas pipes for leak testing and measuring devices for leakage measurement have also been part of our products.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 10 in