Rau 131, Double-Lock Hand Seamer


  • Used in conjunction with the RAU 111 or 128
  • Finishes the 2nd bend of the double lock standing seam in just one operation
  • Good for long runs of low slope standing seam
  • Extends to be 29 1/2″ with 3 different height settings
  • Works on both 1” and 1 1/2” high standing seams
  • No more sore back!
  • 8″ Wide
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Working Length
in (mm)
in (mm)
Width Depth
in (mm)
8 3/4" (220mm)28" (720mm)2 3/4" (70mm)
wdf st skizze 1
wdf skizze 3

Twin Squareseam Folder Upright

We always have the goal of manufacturing tools that are tailored to the needs of the user. With the WDF ST, we have developed a tool whose simple and functional handling is ideally suited to closing the closed angled fold into a double fold. To ensure optimal work, the handles can be adjusted in 3 lengths. The WDF ST is easy to transport when retracted.

Used just like the Twin Squareseam folder 117WDF. Handle is adjustable in 3 increments. 8.66" wide.

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System RAU

More than 60 years of experience speak for themselves

Our family company was founded in 1914 and is run by the fourth generation of the managing partners Dipl.-Ing. Franz Rau and M. Eng. Frederik Rau. With the production of sheet metal bending and processing tools since 1958, Rau GmbH traditionally has a great practical relevance. Since 1967, test devices for gas pipes for leak testing and measuring devices for leakage measurement have also been part of our products.

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Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 10 in