WUKO Uber Bender 6200


  • Avoids potential scratches to the underlying surface
  • Offers wider application than other tools

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Bending height
mm (in)
Maximum bending capacity
mm (ga)
5–200 mm (3/16–8 in)0.8 mm (22 ga)

WUKO Uber Bender

Equipped with an angled bending disc for bending up to 100°. The ideal tool for delicate materials, spring back materials and bending along longitudinal beadings. Demands less space when forming male and female profiles.

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Superior Quality from Design to Delivery

WUKO products are not only known for their superior quality and toughness but also for their appealing design. Only high-quality materials are used to guarantee a first-class product. Before delivery, each WUKO tool is individually checked.

Made USA

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 8.5 in