Staying Cool While Roofing: A Few Tips

Disclaimer: This post offers general information only. It doesn’t constitute medical advice with respect to working in high temperatures. You should always talk to your doctor before working in extreme heat. You should also stay updated on any heat advisories in your area. There are always going to be weather conditions in which it is simply too hot to work. Each roofer and employer must determine these.

We’re in the middle of summer, and it’s been a hot one in many places. For roofers, staying cool during high temperatures can be difficult. Roofing professionals often have to work on the hottest days of summer as the demand for roofers is higher in this season. This presents some challenges. How can you stay cool while roofing in the summer? How can you keep your employees both safe and cool while working in the sun?

Let’s take a look at the most up-to-date information about staying cool while working outside in the summer. We can also look at which beverages are best to drink when working outside in the heat.

1. Know What the Weather Conditions Are

The first thing you want to do when trying to stay cool is to know what the weather conditions are. Looking up the weather before you leave for the day is a great idea. This way, you will be able to plan appropriately. OSHA has a Heat Safety Tool App that has all of the weather information a roofer will need.

If the temperature outside meets or exceeds your body’s temperature, expect it to be difficult as your body will find it harder to cool itself. Also, pay attention to the humidity. In high humidity, your sweat evaporates slowly, which makes it difficult for your body to cool itself. Low humidity can also be a problem because your sweat evaporates too quickly. So pay attention to this and stay hydrated.

2. Wear Ideal Clothes for the Heat as well as Sunscreen

It’s important to make sure you are wearing enough sunscreen. You also want to wear light colors and breathable fabrics. Wearing clothes can actually keep you cooler than taking your shirt off because the clothes will reflect some of the sun’s rays.

You can also wear clothes that will specifically keep you cool like:

· Clothing made from moisture-wicking fabric. This is often used in athletic gear, and it keeps you cool by allowing sweat to evaporate faster.
· Cooling vests containing ice packs although the ice will tend to melt in two to three hours.
· Soaking an over-garment in cool water can help you stay cool as well.

3. Stay Hydrated

Remaining hydrated throughout the day is the best way to avoid heat stroke. Your body struggles to sweat if you are dehydrated, and it won’t be able to control the temperature which leads to heat illness. Dehydration can be quite dangerous. Here are some signs you might be dehydrated:

· You have headaches.
· You’re extremely thirsty.
· You’re having changes in mood.
· You’re urinating less frequently.
· When you do urinate, it’s darker.
· You’re feeling fatigue, dizziness, or confusion.

These are just a few suggestions for staying cool during the hottest days of summer. Follow the above tips to ensure that you do not end up suffering from heat exhaustion.