The Long-Life Fastener: An Essential Component of a Metal Roof

Metal roof fasteners might seem like a small aspect of a larger system--in both size and cost--but they are also literally what holds the roof together. The fasteners that are used to attach a metal roof system are an important part of the performance of the roof, which also affects the performance of the whole building. If a roof is leak free, it will save money and time as well as help to avoid headaches for owners, contractors, and occupants. If this small and inexpensive part fails, it can result in issues that can be very costly down the road. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that all exposed fasteners are long-life. This can be an essential component for a properly installed metal roof.

Why Long-Life Fasteners

A properly installed metal roof, according to recent studies, can last up to 60 years. But in order for it to last as long as possible, it must be properly installed. Not only does this mean the installation needs to be done as efficiently as possible, but the proper tools and materials must be used at all times. This includes fasteners. The meaning of proper installation will differ depending on factors like the type of roof, the geographic location, and the roof geometry.

Fastener life is important and should match (or even exceed) the life expectancy of the panel where it is actually being used. Because fasteners are such a crucial component to the overall performance of the metal roof, anyone who is selecting the fasteners must be well versed in the best fasteners that can be selected.

A fastener that is not long life will eventually start to rust even if they are actually painted. This “virus of rust” can actually transfer down to the panel of the roof and rust a hole in the roof panel. If you want to prevent this from happening to your roof, long-life fasteners need to be used in all locations that expose the fasteners to the elements.

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Replacement Long-Life Fasteners

Fasteners that are not long life can be replaced by long-life fasteners of the same kind. In any location where a fastener may be stripped, oversized, long-life fasteners are available to use. If you are interested in the various types of fasteners we have available, please take a look at our fastener page.