The Top Three Aviation Snips

Every metal roofer knows that it can be quite the challenge to cut through metal. So you need tools that will be able to get the job done. Unfortunately, not all aviation snips will be strong enough for every job. When shopping online, you want to have a good idea of what you are getting so that you know you're getting tools you can rely on.

Here are three of our favorite aviation snips:

1. MIDWEST Aviation MWT-6716B

MIDWEST® Aviation Snips cut multiple layers of sheet material such as rolled seams and S-cleat. The manufacturing process produces unequaled strength and reliability, an edge life that lasts longer, and the most accurate cutting action. Blades are hot drop-forged of molybdenum alloy steel for exceptional strength and durability and Austemper® heat-treated to best accept and hold their precision ground cutting edge. Glide-Tech® Forged Blades cut complete from "pinch of the blades through their points". Glide-Tech® Forged Blades pivot on a Grade-8 bolt that is threaded or affixed into the bottom blade keeping blades in precision adjustment the longest and if ever necessary allowing them to be re-adjusted extending peak performance cutting life to its maximum.

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2. Malco MAX2000 Classic Aviation Snips

Malco MAX2000 Classic Aviation Snips are excellent when you need a reliable and professional cut. Nothing outcuts, outmaneuvers, or outlasts MAX snips. The Malco MAX2000 Classics feature classic-style grips with a quick latch release. The handles will not loosen due to permanent riveted handles. These snips are going to be reliable and have durable compound leverage all while providing a generous cutting length. These USA-made snips feature alloy steel blades with serrated lower jaws for solid gripping power in sheet metals, vinyl plastic, layered metals and seams (including "S" cleats). Rated for 22 gauge Stainless, Galvanized and Mild steel. Made in the USA.

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3. Irwin Aviation Snips

This IRWIN Utility Aviation Snip Tool features compound cutting action with textured grips and an E-Z close latch for comfortable use. These snips are great for cutting sheet metal, vinyl, plastic, rubber and many other applications. They feature Hot Drop forged steel blades for greater strength and product durability. The ergonomically-designed, ProTouch grips and long-life spring optimize performance and increase leverage, creating a snip you can trust every time. IRWIN Aviation Snips - always a cut above.

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If you are looking for high-quality aviation snips, we have what you need. Have a look at our aviation snips page to learn more about the selection we carry.