Tips on Keeping Your Roofers Happy

Roofing is difficult work. Roofers spend most of their time on their feet, they must pay attention to detail, and they often can get overheated on sunny days. Exhaustion can quickly set in, and they can take a lot of breaks, maybe even look for another job. Here are a few tips that will help you to keep your roofers happy.

1. Make a Commitment to Safety

Your employees will be able to enjoy some peace of mind if you are making a commitment to safety. Make sure all of your employees are thoroughly trained in the proper safety practices for roofers. Understand how to respond to any accidents quickly. Keep water on hand so that your employees stay hydrated. If you are keeping your roofers safe and healthy, they are likely to be happier in their jobs.

2. Be Professional

Motivate your employees in a professional way. Provide training so that your employees can further their skills. Send your employees to seminars, conferences, and other events where they may improve their skills and further their education. Treat them with respect, and support them as employees. Give them opportunities to advance.

3. Provide Financial Incentives

When people talk about companies they respect, you will almost always hear them say they “take care of their employees.” This can mean a number of things, but it almost always includes good benefits and good compensation. A company that doesn’t provide good compensation for its employees will likely not be spoken of in this way.

4. Paint a Bigger Picture

Don’t let your employees think they are roofing just because they need to install a roof. Help them to understand the service they are providing. Help them to realize that they are helping the children who go to school in the building, the building owner, the people who pay taxes on the property, etc. The work a roofer does is an important service in society so make sure they recognize that!

The people on the roof are essential to your business. It’s costly to find, hire, and train new employees. So appreciate the employees that you have and keep them happy.