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All Roofing Accessories



  • Attach anything to a standing seam metal roofs without piercing the panel!
  • S-5! offers a huge range of rooftop solutions for just about every application.
  • Quality products in-stock and ready to ship

  • Butyl tape sealants
  • EMSEAL sealants
  • Memory foam
  • Die Cut foam closure strips

  • We provide a wide range of standard conductors heads
  • Available in a wide variety of materials including aluminum, steal, copper
  • Custom sizes available, call for more information

  • Pipe Boots to Fit All Size Pipes Up To 26″
  • Dektite Original
  • Retrofit and high temperature Pipe Boots

  • A wide variety of metal roofing sealants for caulk guns
  • Industry leading producers including Sonneborn, Ruscoe, and Geocel
  • Quality products in-stock and ready to ship