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An elastomeric butyl rubber tape extruded on a silicon release paper designed for sealing a variety of construction joints. GSSI-1 meets the stringent requirements of the metal roofing industry. Ultraviolet resistant and designed to withstand extreme temperatures while retaining cold weather formability and elasticity.


Vise-Grip Locking Sheet Metal Tool

Part Number Description Box Qty Price Each
GSSI-11" x 3/32" x 50' Roll Butyl Tape10 Rolls

$25.00$86.40Select options

GSSI-59973/8" x 3/32" x 45' Roll Butyl Tape48 Rolls

$25.00$86.40Select options

GSSI-67971/2" x 3/32" x 50' Roll Butyl Tape20 Rolls

$25.00$86.40Select options

GSSI-75971/2" x 1/8" x 35' Roll Butyl Tape40 Rolls

$25.00$86.40Select options

GSSI-107977/8" x 3/16" x 40' Double-Bead Roll Butyl Tape10 Rolls

$25.00$86.40Select options

GSSI-123972" x 3/16" x 35' Double Roll Butyl Tape4 Rolls

$25.00$86.40Select options

GSSI-135972-1/2" x 1/8" x 25' Triple-Bead Roll Butyl Tape6 Rolls

$25.00$86.40Select options


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GSSI-5997 / GSSI-6797 / GSSI-7597

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AST is a self-adhering tape seal made from resilient, open-cell polyurethane foam impregnated with a water-based acrylic-modified asphalt emulsion and then compressed to a sealing density level appropriate to the application. Typically, higher compression levels are required for water-tightness in water run-off applications; lower compression can be used, for example, for snow seals at roof ridges.

AST replaces and outperforms liquid and butyl-tape sealants as well as closed-cell and unimpregnated open-cell foam closures.

Vise-Grip Locking Sheet Metal Tool

Part Number Description Compressed Size in Inches Expanded Size in Inches Reel Length in Feet Price per Real
25-25-06AST Hi-Acrylic Closure Sealant Tape1/4" x 1"1"x1"19.68LFCALL for Pricing
40-25-04AST Hi-Acrylic Closure Sealant Tape3/4" x 1"1-1/16" x 1"13.12LFCALL for Pricing
50-25-04AST Hi-Acrylic Closure Sealant Tape1/2" x 1"1-1/16" x 1"13.12LFCALL for Pricing


AST sealant tape is used to seal out dust, air, wind-driven snow, and moisture through join details in metal buildings and roofs. AST is ideal as a filler in expansion joint/compression joints subject to movement from thermal expansion and contraction, and as a gasket in mechanically fastened, non-moving applications such as lap seams. AST is suitable for use against metal, plastic, wood, concrete, and other materials common in metal building structures

Product Features

  • Will not dry out or become hard or brittle
  • UV-Stable • Highly resisten to bugs & vermin
  • Will not extrude from joints like caulk or butyl tape
  • Conforms to contours & fills gap
  • Maintains seal during thermal expansion and contraction
  • Excellent compressibility and recovery (minimal compression set)
  • Good thermal and sound insulator
  • No shrinkage or blowout to closedcell breakage
  • Supplied with self-adhesive on one side

Levels of Sealing

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