The WUKO Lock’n’Roller 1040 is an excellent choice for field seaming mechanically seamed roof panels and similar profiles, such as traditional coping lock, etc.

This tool closes the seam working in both directions (single lock only) and features a clever system of eccentric levers and disc springs to adjust the pressure of the forming dies if necessary to produce clean and precise results regardless of the material used.

The Lock’n’Roller can be removed from the work material anytime simply by relieving the pressure and will not scratch the material.

The tool features ergonomically placed hand-holds above and on both sides of the tool, stainless forming dies (rollers) and a rope tying loop to keep your tool on the roof!

Comes in a heavy-duty plastic carrying case with instructions for use.


Part Number Description Order
W1040WUKO Lock/n/Roller 1040CALL for Pricing


Galvanized Steel Aluminum,
Copper, Zinc
Stainless Steel
.025" (0.65mm)0.031" (0.80mm)0.020" (0.50mm)
Width of Seam Range Tool Length Weight
0.47" - 0.59"
(12 – 15mm)
10.6" (270mm)5 lbs (2.3kg)