Choosing the Right Rivet for Your Metal Roofing Project

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Rivets are an essential component of any metal roofing system, serving to securely fasten panels and maintain the roof's structural integrity. At AMSI Supply, we have over 30 years of expertise helping professional metal roofing contractors select the ideal rivets for their installations. Read on as we break down the key factors to consider for choosing rivets that will stand the test of time.

Why Rivets Matter in Metal Roofing

Unlike shingles or membrane options, metal roofing relies on a system of interlocking panels that are held firmly in place by rivets. These mechanical fasteners reinforce the seams where panels connect and provide a watertight seal. Using the wrong rivets can severely undermine the roof's performance and longevity. The right rivets, however, create an impenetrable barrier and give the roof unmatched strength to withstand extreme weather events. This provides building owners with maximum return on investment and peace of mind.

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Essential Rivet Selection Criteria

Material Compatibility

Rivets must be made of the same base metal as the roofing material or a compatible alloy to avoid galvanic corrosion.

Load-Bearing Strength

Consider snow, wind, and foot traffic loads when selecting rivets to ensure they can support the roof’s requirements. Structural rivets typically offer the greatest shear and tensile strength for heavy-duty applications.

Environmental Resistance

For metal roofs near the ocean or in particularly humid environments, rust-resistant rivets are crucial. We provide expert guidance to contractors on rivets designed to withstand their region’s specific conditions.

Aesthetic Appeal

Rivet heads are visible, so color and shape impact overall appearance. AMSI stocks rivets with heads to match or accent roof panels along with capped head options for a clean, uniform look.

Common Metal Roofing Rivet Types

Blind Rivets

Blind rivets offer a one-sided installation option that doesn't require access behind the panels. Their cylindrical body and interior mandrel allow for fast riveting from a single side. Best suited for lightweight metal panels, facades, and standard residential or commercial roofs without extreme snow/wind loads. Available in a wide range of colors and head styles to match any metal roofing aesthetic.

Specific types of blind rivets are commonly used for metal roof installations:

  • Pop Rivets: Pop rivets, like the #42 Pop Rivets and #44 Pop Rivets,, are popular for roofing because they are inexpensive and allow for speedy installation. They create a solid fastening for light to medium duty applications.
  • Grip Rivets: These provide a sturdy hold across wider grip ranges, riveting together panels or products with varying thicknesses. The longer legs on grip rivet mandrels accommodate more material.
  • Drive Rivets: For blind riveting in hard-to-reach positions, drive rivets allow rivet heads to "drive" further inside the metal for clinching even with flush surfaces or angles. The drive mechanism extends the range of secure applications.

Structural Rivets

Where strength is paramount, structural rivets reinforce the entire riveted joint by spreading force across both connected panels. The two-sided installation uses hammering or bucking to flare out the tubular rivet shank, creating an ultra-strong hold. Ideal for heavy standing seam panels on large commercial buildings, as well as metal roofs in high wind load or snow load regions.

Sealed Rivets

Sealed rivets take leak prevention to the next level thanks to a pre-applied sealant ring. The sealant compresses during installation to create a watertight barrier. It fills gaps between mismatched metals and remains flexible over time. Use sealed rivets on the final rivet runs of steep-slope roofs and for all rivets on low-slope applications to prevent interior drips.

Specialty Rivets

Where strength, corrosion resistance, high temperatures, or other extreme conditions demand it, AMSI offers custom specialty rivets. Options include stainless steel, silicone bronze, white bronze, and more. We also provide rivets to match unique roof metals like zinc, copper, or color finish. Let us know your specialty need, and we’ll create a tailored rivet solution.

Trust AMSI Supply for Rivets You Can Count On

With decades of real-world expertise, AMSI Supply delivers unparalleled guidance so contractors select optimal rivets. AMSI’s roofing products adhere to rigorous quality benchmarks with 30 years of proven performance behind them, and our full-service support delivers the customer response and expert guidance only decades in the industry can offer.

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