Finding Quality Roofing Employees on LinkedIn

It can be difficult to find qualified roofers for your roofing business. One place you might want to check is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great resource for finding employees in a wide range of businesses. In a recent study, researchers found that 35.5 million people had been hired by someone they found on LinkedIn. There are over 20,000 U.S. companies on LinkedIn, and there are 303 million monthly active users. It’s a great resource for finding all sorts of employees. But how can you go about finding the best people for your roofing business? Here are some tips.

1. Build up your business profile.

Before reaching out to anyone, you want to make sure your page is complete. You want to use a lot of keywords so that candidates will be able to find you, and it’s important to look professional on your page. You also need to keep your page updated. Having up-to-date information on your profile will look more attractive to potential employees.

2. Connect with everyone you meet, and use your network of connections.

A lot of new people that you meet are going to be on LinkedIn so it’s a good idea to connect with them, especially if they are in the roofing industry. Once you have built up your network, you may be able to find candidates simply by turning to your connections. Your connections will be able to introduce job seekers they know to you, and you can refer people to them as well.

3. Search for employees with keywords.

The right candidate could potentially miss your job posting on a job posting site. However, a lot of people on LinkedIn who aren’t actively looking for a new job may be interested if the right job came along. Use keywords to perform searches for ideal candidates. If you find one, click on their profile. See if you have any connections in common, and if you do, reach out to your connections and see if they will introduce you. Then you can connect with the candidate and tell them about your job opening.

4. Join groups on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has relevant industry groups, and if you’re looking for employees, this could be a great way to find them. A lot of these group members will be happy to have you join as a potential employer. It might be a good idea to read the posts in the group and weigh in. Then you can contact group members who might be interested in your job openings.

LinkedIn has a lot more features that will help you to find new employees for your roofing business. It may be a good idea for you to explore the site on your own to find other ways to discover the perfect candidates for any job openings you have.