Un-Punched-AssembledColorGard® – For a perfect color match that lasts the lifetime of the roof!

The sudden and unexpected release of snow from the roof can be dramatic, posing a serious threat to property and passers-by. ColorGard® dramatically reduces the risks associated with rooftop avalanches and maintains the clean colorful appearance of the roof with perfect color and finish matching, which lasts as long as the roof itself! ColorGard is the only snow retention system designed and engineered on a site-specific basis; guaranteed to perform, to not damage the roof or finish, and to exactly match the roof color – for the entire lifetime of the roof!

Today’s premium Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® (PVDF) paint systems used on metal panels are “coil-coated” and oven-cured. This is the only finish application method that can be warranted against color fade for 30 years or longer. Nothing can equal it! So, why settle for less in a snow guard system? While some dyes, powder-coats and air-dried color application methods may initially simulate a perfect match, the color soon begins to fade and becomes increasingly mismatched with a few years of age. By utilizing a strip of the actual roof material, ColorGard perfectly matches the roof—forever!

ColorGard is mechanically attached with patented S-5!® clamps. S-5!® is the trusted name in metal rooftop attachment technology worldwide. S-5! patented, round-point setscrews grip the seam securely without penetration and without damage to the panel’s protective finishes. The clamps are precision-machined from high quality, high tensile aluminum—not cast or plastic. All related hardware is non-ferrous stainless steel for lasting performance.

To help you design a ColorGard system for your purposes, we invite you to try our web based calculator!

Prepunched Colorgard

Punched ColorGard® is slotted every 4” (10.2 cm) on center for seams that are spaced accordingly, i.e. divisible by 4” (10.2cm). The slotted configuration works well with S-5!® clamps.

Unpunched Colorgard

Unpunched ColorGard® is the most versatile and easy to install, when used with the S-5!® VersaClip™. Unpunched does not need holes, as the VersaClip™ accommodates any seam spacing. The unpunched configuration works well with VersaBracket™.  Unpunched is the right choice when the roof is laid out with untrue seam width or when the seam width is not divisible by 4. If in doubt, use unpunched.


Included with crossmembers, use the Splice to join two pieces of ColorGard® together, ensuring continuous, unbroken protection. The dimple in the center is designed to provide a gap, allowing for expansion and contraction of the ColorGard® sections.


Available for purchase separately, VersaClip™ makes installation easy, as it simply slides on the ColorGard® crossmember. It can be used with all S-5!® clamps (one per clamp), and is optional with CorruBracket™.  VersaClip™ is not needed with VersaBracket™. VersaClip™ is also handy when installing ColorGard® askew, such as is required in the valleys between intersecting rooflines.

SnoClip II™ & SnapClip™

SnoClip™ is an aluminum add-on that helps retard the migration of snow and ice beneath either the ColorGard® crossmember, or the SnoRod™ of a SnoRail™ or SnoFence™ system. It has a special integrated rubber “foot” to prevent abrasion of the panel’s finish. SnoClip slides onto the crossmember or rod and extends down to the flat of the roofing panel.

SnoClips are highly advised on seams of 2″ (50 mm) and higher. They are recommended but not mandatory on seam heights of 1-3/4″ and lower (45mm). They retard movement of snow and ice beneath the crossmember. SnoClip is not always an option as some metal roofing panels have minor ribs or striations that will not allow the SnoClip to function properly. SnoClips can be used on a striated panel but the results may vary. SnoClips come in two styles–SnoClip II™ and SnoClip III™. SnoClip II fits seam heights of 1-3/4″ (45mm) and lower. SnoClip III fits seam heights of 1-3/4″ to 3″ vertical seam. When multiple rows of assembly are being used, SnoClips are always placed on the bottom row. Their use on other rows is optional and left to user discretion. Typically only one SnoClip per panel is required but may be used more frequently if desired (two SnoClips are needed on panels that have a seam height of 2-3/4″ or taller).

SnoClip III™

This aluminum component retards the migration of snow and ice beneath the ColorGard or SnoFence™ and SnoRail™ systems. It has a special integrated rubber “foot” to prevent abrasion of the panel’s finish. SnoClip slides onto the back of the crossmember or rod and extends down to the flat of the roofing panel.

The longer SnoClip III comes with three different locks to choose from. SnoClip III works with a range of seam heights, from 1-3/4” (44.5 mm) to 3” (76 mm).  SnoClip may not be suitable for use on 3” seams with horizontal orientation.  Please call for more information.


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