Tips for More Effective Roofing Sales Presentations

The world of sales has changed drastically. If you’ve been shopping for a big investment like a car recently, you know how it goes. You look up cars you’re interested in on the internet. Perhaps you read some reviews. You go to a car dealership that has the car you’ve been looking at. If the salesperson annoys you, you can quickly go somewhere else or find a different car.

Getting a new roof is a huge investment for either a residential property or a commercial one. Are your sales presentations up to date with the new rules and procedures of sales? Or are they old fashioned, following the traditional sales model of ABC: Always Be Closing.

So how can you give better sales presentations that turn leads into customers? We take a look at a few suggestions here.

1. Build Authentic Relationships

In order to offer an excellent sales presentation, you have to start within. Changing the way you’re thinking about selling is essential and what it takes to turn leads into customers. These days, it’s less about price and product and more about relationship and value. These are going to differentiate you.

There is an increased need for human interaction the more technology advances. People want to buy from people they know and trust. Your role has shifted from “salesperson” to subject matter expert.

When you focus on relationships instead of just sales, you take some of the pressure off. The more you show your authentic self, the more you will end up selling.

2. Make a Good Impression

You want to be punctual, first of all, and you don’t want to keep anyone waiting. Dress for the occasion, maintain eye contact, be friendly, and smile. Start with some small talk about things you have in common. Ask open-ended questions so that you can get a handle on who these potential customers are and what they want out of a roofer.

3. Create Value

What can you do to convince homeowners and businesses to hire you over competitors? As you discover what is the most important to these customers, you can tailor your sales presentation and shift the focus. You’ll have to figure out what this person expects of you because value differs from one person to the next.

You want to offer free samples or estimates or something else of value to the customer. Provide them with reviews or testimonials from previous customers. And then get them to commit. People are more likely to honor verbal or written commitments.

These are just a few tips for more effective roofing sales presentations. Be sure to follow the above suggestions, and you will be on the right track to convert those leads into customers.