4 Things To Look for in a Metal Roof

The metal roof has become more and more popular in recent years. Metal materials can now imitate wood, clay, and stone, and metal is available in shingle, slate, tile, and shake styles, which has only contributed to its popularity. There are several things you should look for in a metal roof. Here are four:

1. Ventilation

In most cases, homes can benefit from increased ventilation. Professional roofers will be able to go over ventilation with homeowners. In the summer, good ventilation can help to keep your home cooler. It can also help to avoid mold and rot in your house. The perfect time to address the ventilation of your home is when you are re-roofing.

2. Valleys that Are Self-Cleaning

There is debris that ends up on the roof. Things like pine needles, ice, seed pods, snow, and tree leaves often travel down the roof and wind up in valleys that may be there. On a number of metal roofs, there are closed valley systems that have waterways that are hidden that channel water off the roof. The concealed waterways can get clogged up with debris causing the path of water to be blocked, which leads to leaking. If the valleys are self-cleaning, the water and also any debris will be carried where the waterways won’t clog.

3. Warranties

Homeowners should be sure they know which warranties they receive as well as who they’re from. Ideally, you’ll receive warranties that cover the product, the installation workmanship, and also the raw materials that make up the product.

4. Special Flashings

On a number of roofs, there are areas that will need special care. Metal roofs can’t simply depend on sealants in these areas as is often the case with temporary materials. If the roof has skylights, flared gables, chimneys, valleys, or other things that are not typical, be sure to know exactly how your contractor will handle these things.

You want to make sure that you have the best quality tools and products for your metal roof. If you’re looking for fasteners, clips, or other roofing accessories, we have you covered. Take a look around our website to learn more.