S-5: The Best in Metal Roof Attachment Technology

When it comes to safe, secure, and easy-to-use metal roof attachment technology, S-5! has been the most nationally trusted product leader for roofing experts since 1992.

Whether you're working on a snow retention project, mounting a satellite on a metal roof, or installing solar panels, S-5! technology is ensured with the most strength and durability to make your project seamless and cost-effective.

The S-5! Origin Story

In the early '90s, Rob Haddock was an experienced and passionate metal roof consultant and contractor in the Rocky Mountains. Amidst the intense snowy and icy weather conditions, Haddock need a solution to an age-old problem: how to secure a snow retention system without damaging the roof and with enough strength to hold the heaviest load possible.

After seeing failure after failure in previous forms of snow retention products, Haddock decided to create his own equipment that could stand any load test.

Through rigorous quality control assessments and evaluations and a strong commitment to keeping the installer in mind, S-5! technology was born. The snow retention systems and metal roof technology has unequaled holding strength and are met with complete customer satisfaction time and time again.

Since its invention, Rob Haddock and the S-5! brand has created over 60 quality product patents that have provided permanent solutions to metal roofing attachment projects across the country. There simply isn't a better technology in the field of metal roofing.

Quality is Key

By using round-point setscrews (also known as bullet screws) instead of cup nose setscrews, S-5! clamps never damage or tear a roof.  Rather, the clamps merely pinch or "dimple" the beams instead of puncturing them, providing extended factors of safety and unsurpassed holding strength.

The clamps are certified to meet the ISO 9001:15 quality assurance standard and are all made in S-5!'s manufacturing plants on American soil. The products are also guaranteed to last with comprehensive lifetime warranties.

S-5! clamps have a super easy-to-use track record, cutting down project time significantly. In addition, the S-5! website provides load table resources and a snow retention calculator to ease your planning as a project configurator.

Whether it's devising new strategies in products for solar projects or maintaining cost efficiency, customer satisfaction is always a priority to S-5!.

Different Sizes for Different Projects

S-5! clamps and brackets come in various sizes and styles for every metal roof contractor's needs. The zero-penetration clamps provided the strongest hold for installing any weight or size while still maintaining the roof's durability.

The S-5! regular-sized clamps like the S5H90 or the S5E are perfect for mounting snow retention devices, walkways, fall protection, cable trays, and more!

S-5! mini clamps like the S5N Mini and the S5U Mini may be utilized for smaller loads and rooftop accessories like lightning protection, rooftop lighting, sign installations, lighter satellite dishes, solar arrays, and more.

The product range of S-5! metal roofing technology is extensive and innovative excellence continues to be the main priority for future products.

Unbeatable Snow Retention Systems

The S-5! brand began out of a determination to create snow retention systems that can hold the ultimate load, so it only makes sense that their technology is unbeatable in securing snow guards for any metal roof type.

Snow retention systems are crucial in preventing catastrophic injuries and property damage from avalanches that occur when the piled-up loads of snow and ice begin to melt and fall from roofs. In areas that see torrential snowstorms and weather conditions, the strongest snow retention guards on metal roofs must be installed before expensive and potentially life-threatening damage occurs.

S-5! systems can stand even the heaviest amounts of snow and are the most reliable snow retention product that is guaranteed with comprehensive warranties.

Secure Utility Systems for Every Roof Type

Mounting standing seam metal roofs require the highest standards in security and factors of safety. S-5! manufacturers have developed the most exclusive utility system for every roof profile mounting project in gas piping, roof walkways, condensate lines, rooftop lighting fixtures, electrical conduit, cables, and more.

S-5! utility systems have incredibly versatile equipment that is fit for any metal roof design. The S-5-EF Mini Clamp is a flanged clamp perfect for double-folded standing seam roofs and easily installed by placing the clamp on the seam and tightening the round-point setscrew.

For other roof profiles like T-shaped profiles and 1" nail strips, an S-5-T Mini or S-5-N Mini flange adaptor may be utilized for optimized strength.

S-5! tailors their products to a diverse array of metal roof profiles so that there is always a solution to even the most difficult of mounting projects.

Solar Mounting Made Easier

Solar mounting has never been easier with S-5!'s solar project technology. With the mission to move to more sustainable and cost-effective energy sources, many Americans are installing PV arrays and solar panels on their roofs.

S-5!'s solar roof attachment solutions like the Solar Foot or the S-5-PV Kit for almost every roof type out there and are painstakingly easy and quick to install. These solar mounting systems are the chosen technology by solar project coordinators and contractors across the country, and they're proven to work!

In the case study of Lovelock Elementary School and Black Rock Solar, the use of an S-5-PV Kit saved 25% on labor, material, and installation costs! One of the solar installers from Black Rock Solar said, "The only way it would be easier to install is if it a magnet and we could just drop it on the roof."

As the solar energy industry takes off and renewable energy becomes the favored norm, S-5! mounting technology will continue to pave the way for superb quality products that get solar installations done faster and cheaper than ever.

Head over to the S-5! website for more information about the unmatched technology and products that accelerating the metal roofing industry in mounting and installations. There you can read more case studies on an array of different devices and use their load table and snow calculator tools to find the right product for your project.