Best Metal Roof Solar Mounts

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It’s no secret that solar energy has become one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources over the past few years. With many homeowners and business owners alike looking to reduce their carbon footprint, it’s no wonder that there’s been a huge demand for solar panel installations. Solar panels are extremely efficient, and can ultimately save homeowners money by lowering utility costs and increasing the value of the home.

A solar panel mount holds the solar panel in place, which is why selecting the right system is incredibly important.

With a steady rise in demand for solar panels, it’s important to be well-versed in the panel installation process so you can best serve your customers. So, what is a metal roof solar mount? A solar panel mount holds the solar panel in place, which is why selecting the right mounting system is incredibly important. Proper installation is crucial to ensure you’re protecting your investment and preparing for harsh weather conditions and regular wear and tear. Luckily, metal roofs lend themselves to solar panels quite nicely. Learn more about the difference between rail-free and rail-based mounting systems, as well as the other equipment required for a successful installation.

Metal Roofing Type

Prior to selecting the best solar mount, it’s important to understand your metal roof type as this will determine which mount type is best for you, as well as how the solar mount will be installed. If you have a standing seam metal roof, installing a solar panel mount should come easily. Consider whether or not you are working with a trapezoidal panel roof, mechanically seamed trapezoidal panels, or another roofing type when selecting which metal roof solar mount would work best for you.

Rail-Free Mounting Systems

Rail-free solar mounting systems, sometimes known as “direct attach” systems, are exactly what they sound like — a PV mounting support system that can attach without the need for a mounting rail. This rail-free system gives contractors some flexibility when it comes to design and attachment methods, and can accommodate both portrait and landscape modules. Another benefit would be that there are less components to bring up to the roof. However, a rail-free solar mounting system may be better suited for a more experienced team, as it tends to be a more complicated installation process.

Raid-based systems are likely one of the most popular choices when it comes to solar mounting, and for good reasons.

Rail-Based Mounting Systems

Rail-based systems are likely one of the most popular choices when it comes to solar mounting, and for good reason. This system is compatible with most roofing types, and much of the workforce is already well-versed with this system’s installation. Rail-based mounting systems are also extremely cost effective and reliable, allowing for excellent panel weight distribution, and can withstand harsh weather conditions like snow and heat. These systems are great for sloped metal roofs, On the flip side, rail-based mounting systems can result in more waste as they are customized to fit specific roof lengths.

S-5 SolarFoot

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Equipment Required for Installation

A typical solar panel installation requires a variety of different equipment and tools. Because there are so many different types of roofs, each installation project may be a bit different. Solar mounting is most effective with the right project technology. S-5! Is one of the most nationally trusted roofing technology providers, giving homeowners and contractors alike quality materials and peace of mind since 1992. S-5! offers a variety of solar roof attachment solutions, including the Solar Foot or the S-5-PV Kit which make installation easy, quick and affordable.

Fasteners and Clips

To install a rail-based mounting system, you may consider using a S-5 SolarFoot metal fastener, which provides an ideal mounting platform with the same strength and reliability you can expect from S-5. S-5 also offers a PV Solar Attachment Kit which is one of the first solar module mounting solutions in the industry, fitting a vast majority of metal roofs on the market, including exposed-fastened and corrugated. The S-5-PV installs quickly and easily, also providing the roof with shade during intense summer heat and lessening utility costs. S-5’s new EdgeGrab bracket is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the patented S-5-PV Kit for solar array end conditions.

With any roofing project, metal roofing clips can make a huge difference in the longevity of your roof and the satisfaction of your customers. Be sure to browse ASMI’s selection of metal roofing clips to find the clips that will best suit your project.

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